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Our Research
We are the filtration guys. We study applications of granular and
membrane filtration in water and wastewater treatment. We want
to receive safe water for human consumption and harmless
effluents for irrigation. Our route goes from basic understanding to
optimization of multistage filtration processes. The applications
include retention of pathogenic microorganisms, multistage
purification of wastewater effluents and chemical cleaning of
ultrafiltration (UF) membranes. We develop mathematical models
and functional nanomaterials to improve our understanding of
transport and fate of impurities in engineering and natural
Our strength is in development of novel filtration schemes, their
optimization for local needs and testing under real-life conditions.
We are environmental engineers with a strong background in
chemistry and biotechnology. We work on closely related projects
and believe in cooperation with our fellow applied chemists,
microbiologists and mathematicians. We share our knowledge with
young colleagues, water practitioners and industrial engineers
through internal and external teaching. We believe that safe
water supply will reduce the tension and ensure sustainable
development of the entire region.
Laboratory Facilities
We are occupying a part of laboratory of microbial ecology at main
campus of Ben Gurion University. We have a pilot-plant facility at
Sede Teiman wastewater treatment plant 11 km north of Beer
Sheva. Our new state-of-the-art labs for simulations of filtration
processes, development, testing and characterization of UF
membranes are built now.
Teaching Activities
We are teaching courses on water treatment and water supply at
graduate level. A list of academic courses open for graduate
students of engineering is accessible through the site of
Environmental Engineering Program. In addition to frontal
teaching we are running an advanced laboratory course with 8
modules that simulate major water treatment processes. Courses
to upgrade knowledge of water engineers and practitioners are
managed by us and organized by Israeli Water Association.

Industrial collaborations
We work closely with industry on several projects. Our current
partners are Mekorot Israeli Water Company and German
membrane manufacturer inge AG.  

Publishing policy
We publish our research results in top peer-reviewed engineering
journals. Group members are also encouraged to write semi-
popular articles for the local and (inter)national press.

Vacancies and recruitment policy
Talented engineering students are always welcome to enquire.
We do not post vacancies in the group because we always have
more candidates than positions available. We are picking few best
B.Sc. BGU students for engineering projects. M.Sc. students often
start without fellowship and we work closely to find funding. PhD
students usually continue their successful master project within
the group. We do not offer postdoctoral positions.     
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Our vision
We are mostly involved in optimization of existing solutions using a wise combination of well-established and novel treatment methods
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